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RESIDUAL IMPRESSIONS | Umm El Fahm Gallery  | 2022

The viewer is invited to sit down, take out five papers from the envelope and perform an action.

The performative video SUBLIME ATTITUDES was created under the inspiration of the Buddhist term Brahma-Vihara, which denotes a high universal state of consciousness such as compassion, empathy, balance, and loving-kindness. The work presents manual acts of folding paper that create a sculptural ambience and invite viewers to engage in a performative, play-acting endeavour. Its repetitiveness creates the possibility of unloading one’s conditioning, attaining cognitive openness, and focusing on the current moment.


Brain researchers found that in a meditative state, which is a state of changing the normal boundaries of consciousness, is characterised by changes in the sense of self. Scientists have noticed that during meditative practice, there is more physical and sensory processing and less mental processing related to self-image. That is, a voluntary state in which we are present in the experience itself, and our thoughts do not wander to one moment that happened or another moment that will happen.


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