Israel | 1973 | lives and works in Tel Aviv


Solo Exhibition


. 2017    If ever before from far away you heard my voice - and listened, Art Cube Artist Studio, Jerusalem

. 2016    MYNAMEIS #7 performance, Andel's by Vienna Hous, curator: Chiara Valci Mazzara,   

               manager: Lucyna Sosnowska, Lodz, Poland

· 2014    MYNAMEIS  #4 performance, curator: Chiara V.M, Villa Poggio Sanfelice, Firenze, Italy

               MYNAMEIS  #3 performance, curator: Chiara Valci Mazzara, Where Is Jesus, Berlin, Germany

               MYNAMEIS  #2 performance, curator: Chiara Valci Mazzara,  The Mansion House, TLV, Israel

· 2013    Tempus, Tammen&Partner Gallery, curator: Tal Becler, Berlin, Germany

· 2008    Passageway , curator: Yakir Ben Moshe, Artists’ House,  Tel Aviv, Israel


Group Exhibitions

.  2018    EPICENTRE, the outer space, Binamin Gallery, curator: Roni Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel

.  2017    THE  MEAN, HeartFelt, Gallery 10, curator: Carmit Blumenzon, Rehovot, Israel

                Bread and Roses, Artists Studio, Tel Aviv, Israel

.  2016    ANGLE, Stage Video Project, Petach Tikva Museum, Israel

                variation #17, Assaf, City Of Refuge ,  the lobby -art space Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

.  2015    MYNAMEIS  #6, Draw to Perform, symposium, curator: Ram Samocha, London, UK

                MYNAMEIS  #5, NightLight Festival TLV, curator: Yasha Rozov, Tel Aviv, Israel

.  2014    MYNAMEIS  #1, Analog-Epilog, Musrara Mix #14, curator:Avi Sabag, Jerusalem, Israel

.  2013    TEACES V  the 5th biennale for drawing , ‘Angle’, curator:Tal Yahas, Jerusalem, Israel

                Pre – Face Performance #1, Medium,  Site specific, curator : Maya Attoun, Tel Aviv, Israel

                Testing Tools ‫ Festival of Art 'In The Making', curator: Carmit Blumenzon , Tel Aviv, Israel

                Current Impuls , Artists’ House, curator: Orly Hoffman,  Tel Aviv, Israel

                Concrete Abstract BAAD Gallery, curator: Ricardo Roistaczer, Tel Aviv, Israel

.  2012    Kern- Transparency video, Nachtspiecher 23e,V, Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

                Danna's choice #3 - Contemporary Art at Home, Jaffa, Israel

                Fanzine Festival, Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv, Israel

                Bread and Roses, Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv             

.  2011    From Origin to Originality, JCC, New York, USA

                sketchbook, Container Gallery, Jaffa, Israel

.  2010    Bread and Roses, Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv

                Danna's choice #2 - Contemporary Art at Home, Jaffa, Israel

                Fresh Paint, hosted by Florentin 45 Gallery, Tel Aviv       

.  2009    Future repertoire. Many institute. Tel-Aviv

·  2008    Einfühlungx6,   kayma Gallery, Jaffa, Israel

                Night Trains, Salon Bastav 3,  Kibuz Galuyot, Tel Aviv, Israel

·  2006    Dendron  Installation,  Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

·  2003    Square , Asif  Animation Festival, Cinematheque Tel Aviv,

                Artour Beit Shlush, Tel Aviv, Israel

   2002    Square, Ceramic Biennial, Installation,  Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel

·  2001    Porcelain in Motion Performance, Fashion Show, Mizpeh Ramon, Israel

·  2000    Emotion Changes Reality Ceramic Biennial,  Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel

                Graduate Exhibition, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem, Israel




· 2013     Pre – Face #2, Israeli 1st International Brain Technology Conference, , Tel Aviv, Israel

· 2010     Family Unit, Container gallery, Jaffa, Israel

. 2009     Artistic Advisor, Dancespace Project, food for thought, dancer Diane Madden, NYC, USA

· 2008     One Of A Kind light sculpture, Karstiel House, Tel Aviv, Israel

· 2005     Designed the award sculpture for International Film Festival, Elat, Israel

. 2002     Costume Design, The Death of Prima Ballerina, Bat Sheva dance Company, Tel aviv, Israel

                Costume design for a Maidda  Women’s Performance Party, Tel Aviv, Israel

. 2001     Acco Bride – The impossible marriage, Festival of Alternative Israeli  Theater,  Acco, Israel

                Porcelain in Motion Performance, Fashion Show, Mizpeh Ramon, Israel




· 2010-2012  Alma Home for Hebrew Culture,  study scholarship, Tel Aviv, Israel

· 1996-2000  BFA  Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem, Israel

· 1999           Westminster College Harrow' Student Exchange Program, London, England


 Teaching Experience


. 2017            artist workshop, Shenkar College of Engineering & Design, Tel Aviv, Israel

                       artist workshop, Emuna College of Art, Jerusalem, Israel

. 2013-2015  artist intensive workshop, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design , Jerusalem, Israel

. 2008-2010  artist workshop, Shenkar College of Engineering & Design, Tel Aviv, Israel

· 2004            sculpture, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design , Jerusalem, Israel


Publication & Awards


. 09/2016    Scholarship, Ministry of Culture, Israel

. 05/2016    INBETWEEN, CZYLI 72 KROKI Z ARTYSTKA, by Michal Kwiatwowski, lodz/SZTUKA, Poland

· 09/2013    Globes Magazine, Hagit Peleg Rotem, Art review (pre-face performance)                                        .01/2009    Globes Magazine, Art review (one of a kind project)

· 01/2008    Can art magazine, solo exhibition (passageway)

· 01/2008    Article by Michal Velinzky Walla (passageway)

· 04/2006    Award -  Alix De Rothschild 2006/7- 'Reflections'

· 01/2007    The Marker Magazine, article

· 05/2006    100 Bezalel , 1966-2006 (volume 3) – publication of work

· 11/2000    Jerusalem Post, art review Biennial Eretz Israel Museum