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 An on going traveling Performance started on 2014.

 YOU are invited to take a step.

Jerusalem #1 | Tel Aviv #2, #6 | Berlin #3 | Florence #4 | London #5 | Lodz #7 

MYNAMEIS engages with the quest for existential balance. Searching for OUR common centre. In the performance. Shoshanah' that is standing behind a plexiglass, invites YOU to tell her your first name, last name, a wish or a statement. For one hour, Shoshanah’ writes ambidextrously, in parallel with two hands, your words.The outcome of the performance always keeps it's form and the content becomes relative to the site space and the states culture. Exploring this form is marked by movement, rhythm, and aspects of sound. Shoshanah’ in her performance comes to illustrate OUR primal unity, behind language and before words.

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