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SEEING | the act of a person who sees

Tel Aviv | 2008

“You are but an eye, a huge permanent eye, which sees all: your body sprawled out and also yourself, observing and BEING will never cease to see yourself.. YOU cannot escape your own gaze, you never will” George Perec, A Man Asleep

This solo exhibition examine the domain of personal and collective BEING. Environment perception of shape regards to space. What constitutes the eye's ability to perceive?  We cannot measure thought but we can track physical changes. An image exists yet its interpretation varies according to the person SEEING as a result of her/his emotional and cognitive attitudes. The senses are responsible for receiving information from the environment. The Sleeping Man is made of wax in order to point to the fluidity of thought. What 's above uncovers the essence of what's underneath. The long-range of perception. 

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