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This work is all about balance. About the equilibrium of OUR emotional scale, and OUR ability to act as the OBSERVER

Tel Aviv | 2013,   Lodz | 2016,   Rehovot | 2018    

This performative action was inspired by the *Rambam who  wrote:

“The straight path: involves discovering, is] the midpoint temperament of each and every trait that every human possesses (within his personality). This refers to the trait which is equidistant from either of the extremes, without being close to either of them.”

(Mishnah Tora, Sefer Madda, Hilchos De’ot a4). 

This work is all about balance. About the equilibrium of OUR emotions scale. Shoshanah’ illustrates this idea in her work by defining boarders with her own body, translates and simplify this philosophical content into a form, using the ability of the body's physical edges. 


*Rambam/Maimonides - Rabbi Moseh ben Miamon 1135 - 1204 was a medieval Jewish philosopher, physician and a Torah scholar, known in the jewish world by the “Ramabam” and to the world at large as “Maimonides”

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